Visitor Numbers Increased

During our time working with their website and social media pages have all seen a large increase in views and likes.

Online Learning System now has a full-featured Online Learning System that allows teachers to post extra coursework, announcements, class recordings and more.

Consistent Branding

We work hard to ensure that customers will recognise the brand whenever they see it.

SKILLS & TECHNOLOGIES showcases our wide range of skills and technologies from web development to print design.

Social Media


Before beginning any work on the site we analysed the visitor statistics on to see how people were actually using the site. What we found was that almost half of all visits were from a mobile device. From these statistics we began to design the new site and its responsive layout, paying attention to what parts of the site were used most, and what parts Revise wanted to be more prominent.

Something that Revise told us was that people had a lot of difficulties finding the basic information on their courses such as times, dates and prices. This feedback helped to shape every page on the site, with extensive use of a three-column information row. This appeared at the top of each centre and service page and displayed the most popular information first.

The Online Learning System we added to has been a huge success. It allows the teachers to post work, useful links, and notes to a page dedicated to their class. Each student has a unique username and password that gives them access to the courses they’re taking. Beginning in 2016 Revise began posting video classes, so students can stay up to speed even if they can’t make it. This is all possible thanks to the flexible and customised system RE:site have put in place. already had a successful Facebook up and running, but with our guidance, they have increased customer engagement and really begun to take full advantage of all Facebook has to offer. Now, rather than the site being secondary to the Facebook page, they both work together.

Advertising for Revise had been done in local newspapers and radio, but they found these mediums were starting to deliver less and less. We began to trial targeted Facebook to huge success and then branched out to Google AdWords. This is when really started to utilise online advertising. With recent expansion to Snapchat and Instagram ads online advertising has become the only form of advertising use.