The Trading Online Vouchers offer financial assistance of up to a matched €2,500 for businesses who want to improve their online presence. An assessment of the scheme by the Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources revealed the following:

  • Sales increased an average of 21%
  • Customer enquiries increased 84%
  • According to 73% of businesses the new eCommerce aspect did not displace existing sales
  • 60% of the businesses began selling to customers outside Ireland

When you choose RE:site to design and develop your website we’ll help you plan and apply for the Trading Online Vouchers. We’ve even helped businesses of all types successfully apply for the grant who didn’t know they were eligible! Did you know you don’t even have to have an online shop component to your website? If you take customer bookings online, or even just booking inquiries through the site you could be eligible.


Each Local Enterprise Office is allocated a limited amount of Trading Online Vouchers they can award each year. This means they assess applications on a competitive basis – this is where we can help.


If your business meets the following criteria you could be eligible for an Trading Online Voucher.

Less than 10 employees

Limited online trading presence

Turnover less than €2 million

Trading for more than 12 months

If you have any questions about any of the above or even if you only meet some of the criteria please get in touch! We have helped businesses of all types qualify for the Trading Online Vouchers.


The Trading Online Vouchers can be used in almost any way that will help your business expand it’s online presence. This means you don’t necessarily have to sell your products or services online. There are a few uses it will not be awarded for though. We’ll be able to guide you and make tweaks to your plans to maximise your chances.


Here’s what the voucher can and can not be used for:

Development of an eCommerce site

Development of a site that will take bookings

Online Advertising

Consultation with ICT experts

Implementation of a digital marketing strategy

Training employees to use new systems

Purchase of non-internet related software

Development of non-eCommerce websites

If you’re unsure of any of the above terms or if you would qualify then please get in touch! With a few simple changes we’ve helped dozens of sites qualify.

Applying for Trading Online Vouchers

Get in touch and we can start working immediately on getting your new site, or site improvements, started.

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